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  1. Last night was our final night in Kiruna, so we decided to go out for an evening walk to see the Christmas lights in the town centre. The big Christmas tree looked pretty in the dark... ...and Tim looked quite regal in the ice throne We walked past the display of snow sculptures. It was actually a bit easier to make our some of the shapes in the dark. Once we'd done a circuit of the town centre, we headed back to our apartment for the night. We're flying back home from Narvik tomorrow, so the main aim of today was to travel back
  2. There was lots of snow outside when we woke up in Kiruna this morning The house across the road from where we're staying also had some rather spectacular icicles! It had been pretty much dark when we arrived in Kiruna yesterday, so we were looking forward to seeing the town in the daylight. As we set off in the direction of the town centre, we passed some absolutely enormous piles of snow It didn't take us long to reach the town centre. We found some large snow-covered rocks... ...some pretty Christmas decorations... ...
  3. As there didn't promise to be a lot happening in Abisko for New Year's Eve, we were booked to visit the nearby Aurora Sky Station for the evening. This is a mountain-top viewing platform, located on a mountain near to Abisko Turiststation, and it's supposed to be a great place for seeing the northern lights. The only way up is via a chairlift and, unfortunately, Abisko had been experiencing strong winds all day, which meant that it wasn't safe for the chairlift to run. A bit disappointing, but I guess that just means we'll have to come back another year and try again On nights when the chairl
  4. We went out for a walk to the lake in the dark last night, but it was so cloudy that we couldn't even see any stars, never mind the northern lights We were outside for about an hour or so, during which time we walked down to the lakeside and then along part of the path towards Abisko Turiststation. It was snowing all the time, and the snowflakes looked really pretty in the darkness. The unusual street lights which we'd seen earlier in the day were actually really good at night, projecting light downwards so that we could see the path, and not causing lots of light pollution.
  5. Having arrived in Abisko in the dark last night, we were excited to see it in the daylight this morning As expected, it's quite a small place, with a handful of buildings along a main street. The hostel we're staying in is quite small (only four rooms), but we passed a couple of bigger guesthouses as we walked along the street. One of the attractions of Abisko is that it is situated on Lake Torneträsk and we soon found a path which led us down to the lake shore. As you can probably tell from the photo, it was snowing lightly and so we acquired a sprink
  6. One of the main things which had convinced me to book flights to Narvik earlier in the year was the fact that it is the terminus station for a railway line known as the Ofotbanen. The train line was built between Sweden and the Norwegian coast in the late 19th century, to enable iron ore being mined in the Swedish town of Kiruna to be transported to the ice-free port of Narvik. Iron ore is still transported on the line today, but there are also two passenger trains per day which run between Norway and Sweden. This means that flying to Narvik is actually quite an easy way to get to Swedish Lapl
  7. The weather forecast originally hadn't been too bad for today, but when we opened the curtains this morning it was pouring with rain. We didn't have to check out of the hotel until midday, so we made the most of the hotel's breakfast buffet before setting out for a slightly damp walk around Malmö. Our first stop was Lilla Torg (Little Square) where we had stopped for a drink last night. From the there we made our way towards the town library, which our friend Kalle had drawn our attention to last night. It was even more impressive in the daylight and we couldn't believ
  8. Yesterday had been such a bright and sunny day that we went to bed hoping against hope that the weather forecasters had got it wrong and that it wasn't actually going to pour with rain this morning. When the alarm went off at 07.30 this morning though we didn't even need to open the blinds to find out what the weather was like; we could hear the rain beating down on the pavement outside. Oh dear! We went downstairs to make the most of the breakfast buffet in our very expensive hotel, and when we re-emerged around 08.30 it looked like the rain had started to ease off a bit. We didn't have
  9. Today was our third and final day and it was going to be a full one. We'd learned the day before that the McDonald's breakfast (which we eat every now and again on holiday as a treat) are only served until 10:00, so we had to vacate the ship about twelve hours before flying home. That was fine, though; Stockholm is bigger than we originally thought, not least because of Djurgården, an island on the city's east, which was originally the royal game park. The sun was shining, which meant that we, for once, had a lovely blue sky behind our photos: and shimmery reflections on the wat
  10. It was hard to tell what the weather was like when we woke up this morning and looked out of our porthole, but when we ventured outside we were pleased to see it was sunny. We set off into the town centre in search of breakfast. Breakfast proved rather difficult to find, but we did find an enormous church, not far from the train station. Having explored Stockholm's old town last night, we decided to spend this morning concentrating on the newer town. The city of Stockholm is built on 14 small islands, so pretty much everywhere you go there is a view of water. In a
  11. After the slightly traumatic start to trip to Bergen for the last bank holiday, I was a little bit nervous about what might go wrong with our journey to Stockholm, but this bank holiday everything seems to be going a lot more smoothly We were flying from Stansted to Stockholm Skavsta at 08.30 this morning, so left home at 4am to make sure that we were at the airport with plenty of time, even if there was another system failure! Stansted was extremely busy when we arrived but we were helped by not having any luggage to check in, and ended up getting through security with 90 minutes to spare be
  12. For some reason blinds in Sweden don't do a good job of keeping out the daylight. That somewhat defeats the point, especially in a country where the summertime daylight hours start so early. I get up with the sun, so for the third night in a row, I had four hours' sleep. Not that I'm really complaining, since it meant that I could get up and see the view. It's the same one I shared with Clare several hours later when we had breakfast: Isn't that fabulous? And we didn't have to leave until noon, so it meant that we were able to savour the view at leisure, before going on our final str
  13. We stayed up late watching Eurovision last night and it was an amazing coincidence to be in Sweden when Sweden won The downside was that as a result we had somehow managed to be awake for 22 hours in a 24 hour period. Ouch! It was fascinating to stay up though and see what time it started to get dark in this part of the world (about half ten!). Due to a slight blind/curtain malfunction, Tim is able to attest that it was daylight again before 5am too. Our plan for today was to have a relaxing time exploring the surroundings of Ljungskile. We checked out of our accommodation by 09.30 and s
  14. We decided to make the most of our Bank Holiday weekends this year, and after heading to France for the first holiday weekend in May, we had a long weekend in Sweden booked for the second one. We got very cheap flights from Stansted to Gothenburg with Ryanair, and things turned out even better than we expected when the little airport miles from Gothenburg that Ryanair normally fly to was closed for repair works and our flight was rescheduled to the main Gothenburg Landvetter airport instead. Unfortunately at the point at which we booked the flights, it hadn't occurred to us quite how expensive
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