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Day 4: Hawick to home via Hindhope Linn

The apartment we'd booked in Hawick was really lovely, but the blinds on the windows weren't very thick and the shape of the windows meant that the blinds didn't fully cover them. This was the resulting brightness in our room prior to 5am.


That meant we had a reasonably early start to the day. We couldn't complain about how beautiful and sunny it was once we stepped outside in Hawick though :)


After yesterday's failure to park, today we were planning to visit a (hopefully!) less popular tourist attraction; a small waterfall in the Kielder Forest. The car park was around 30 miles south of Hawick, and we were relieved to find when we arrived that there was just enough space left to park :) 

From the car park, a marked trail led us past a farm...


...and then towards the forest.


From there we followed the path through the forest, alongside a stream.


We crossed a bridge...


...and had a view of a tiny little waterfall.


When we reached the main waterfall, it was much bigger :) 


Perhaps not quite as impressive as an Icelandic waterfall, but still very pretty. 


The best thing about it was that we had the views all to ourselves, which is quite unusual for a beauty spot on a bank holiday :)


From the waterfall, the remainder of the trail took us back uphill...


...across the bridge by the smaller waterfall...


...and then alongside the river.


At one point, as we were walking higher above the river, we could hear loudly gushing water nearby.


We looked down and realised we were now walking past the top of the waterfall :)


The path continued through the forest...


...finally coming back out in the open by the car park.


It was a fairly short walk compared to our hillfort trek on Saturday, but a pretty one. And it was definitely a bonus to be able to enjoy the waterfall without hordes of other people :) 

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