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Day 9: Barstobrick to home

It was a bit damp again when we woke up in our lodge in Barstobrick this morning. This definitely hasn't been a holiday for sunny weather, although somehow I have still managed to pick up a bit of sunburn :D 

2021-08-19 093123.jpg

Even though it wasn't a sunny morning, the view from the lodge was lovely.

2021-08-19 093131.jpg

We'd been provided with a leaflet about a local walking trail, so once we'd had breakfast and checked out we decided to give it a try. We were able to start walking right from where we'd been staying.

2021-08-19 093533.jpg

The walk started off fairly sedately, but it soon began to climb higher.

2021-08-19 095035.jpg

The good thing about climbing higher was that we had some good views out across the surrounding countryside.

2021-08-19 095204.jpg

We were walking towards this monument, on the top of Barstobrick hill. It was erected in memory of the inventor James Neilson, who invented something called the hot-blast process which apparently increased the efficiency of smelting iron. The trail we were walking on was called the Hot Blast Trail :)

2021-08-19 095713.jpg

We were rather out of breath by the time we got to the top, but the views were pretty.

2021-08-19 095855.jpg

And we could see for a really long way :)

2021-08-19 100314.jpg

The path uphill had been quite wide and easy to follow, but the path downhill turned out to be considerably narrower.

2021-08-19 100548.jpg

I wasn't really thrilled about how steep it was :D

2021-08-19 100646.jpg

Parts of the path were also quite overgrown, so we had to push our way through bracken at times. It felt like quite a remote part of the country and we didn't see anyone else doing the same walk.

2021-08-19 101035.jpg

Once we got down the hill the path became more sedate again, leading us through a forest.

2021-08-19 103022.jpg

We also passed through a pretty garden before ending up back at where we'd left the car.

2021-08-19 103820.jpg

Before we set off on the journey home, we stopped for coffee and cake at the Barstobrick cafe :) 

2021-08-19 114017.jpg

The drive home was 275 miles - so rather long(!) -  but we've had such a great holiday that it definitely felt worthwhile :) 

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