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Evening 7: Castelbuono

My day was going to be an early write-off. We arrived at our spectaculary good apartment at about 16:30, around half an hour after finishing a colossal steak which was far more than I would normally be able to eat but the expense of which compelled me to attack. In a sweltering hot country and with a beer and some wine in me, that was a recipe for a food coma, and so I was immediately asleep as soon as the host left us. More or less. Clare wanted the photos for the blog preparing first, so I did those with my eyes partially closed and then had a cold shower. It didn't work and I was soon a curious combination of asleep and feeling sorry for myself.

Clare is much more disciplined than I am and set to work on the blog. When it was finished a couple of hours later, she asked me whether I felt it was time to go out and see the town. As far as I was concerned but it wasn't fair to give her cabin fever, so I agreed to go out too. cursing myself for still being too full to be able to even consider buying some beer or wine to enjoy on our rooftop.

It turned that I needn't have felt so full at all. You see, when we arrived around 2 o'clock looking for a meal, we went to the only place we'd encountered stating that it was a pizzeria/restaurant and tried to order. It wasn't open, aside from its cafe. So I asked the lady whether there were any other places open. In her opinion, that was very unlikely, although she suggested we head down the main road. That was how we found the restaurant offering our very expensive meal.

It turned out all she would've had to say is 'There are about a million restaurants in the Old Town. Why don't you head there?' We didn't even know there was an Old Town until we headed down the main road this evening and went further than the restaurant we'd visited earlier!

We espied a spire in the distance and so headed towards it:

2019-07-12 19.41.41.jpg

We saw a sign pointing out that there was an Old Town and so headed into a side street:

2019-07-12 19.48.09.jpg

And look what we found: a busy square!

2019-07-12 19.51.29.jpg

The mountains in the background were a sight to behold:

2019-07-12 19.49.02.jpg

It had a large clock tower:

2019-07-12 19.49.28.jpg

There was a small section of portici:

2019-07-12 19.49.36.jpg

2019-07-12 19.51.53.jpg

And the church whose spire we'd glimpsed earlier:

2019-07-12 19.50.31.jpg

We headed down a street in the direction of the castle:

2019-07-12 19.53.03.jpg

There was a couple getting married:

2019-07-12 19.54.48.jpg

We thought we'd leave them to their privacy. Or didn't want to pay the entrance fee. Delete as applicable. And so we turned around and headed back to the square:

2019-07-12 19.56.31.jpg

Emerging from that direction presented us with the mountains again. We'd driven along them earlier to get to Castelbuono:

2019-07-12 19.58.28.jpg

And so we began the journey home, heading up a small street with an attractive tower beckoning us:

2019-07-12 20.00.38.jpg

Soon we passed a lovely fountain:

2019-07-12 20.04.39.jpg

Before we knew it we were a two-minute walk from our appartment with an ice cream store next to us, so we picked up a large mint ice cream apiece and retired to our rooftop to see the soon fade away behind the mountains:

2019-07-12 20.22.10.jpg

I'm really glad that we ventured out ... but can't help but feel slightly aggrieved that the lady we spoke to earlier in the day didn't tell us about the Old Town. I'd have loved to see it in proper daylight, plus we wouldn't have been compelled to eat so large a meal that we were effectively denied the chance to sit on our rooftop with a nice bottle of wine to end the evening. There's always a wineless tomorrow morning, of course, when I inevitable wake up early and need somewhere to sit whilst reading!

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