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Evening 2: Valletta

It's been a long day, not least because we've travelled from one island to another and back again. Add on the time it takes to upload photos from your phone when the whole thing seems determined to time out, then the requisite time to put together a blog entry and BOOM before you know it, night has fallen. In which case, it makes sense to head outside for a stroll, don't you think?

We'd noticed that lots of churches and large buildings had lightbulbs draped around them, so figured we'd get to see the landmarks illuminated. That wasn't the case; since it's still winter here, at least as far as the pricing system goes, maybe it's deemed that not enough eyes will be on the buildings. But even in the standard lighting, things looked lovely:


Buildings like the Palace of Justice looked suitably impressive, even in the lack of natural light:


And it was easy to make out the old-style British telephone and postboxes:


As best we could tell, the only thing missing was the royal insignia, although we'd found some pre-independence GR ones. St John's Cathedral wasn't being left out:


And the national library looked fabulous too:


The same can't be said of the parliament:


The locals call it the Cheese Grater. You can see why.

In the corner of the photo you can glimpse the Triton Fountain. We headed towards it. It looked great!


We soon realised that it was changing colour too, although only subtly:


Up close it really was an impressive sight:



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