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Day 8: Skiing on the lake

As we were walking back from the supermarket after doing the blog last night, we hit a new temperature record for this holiday - minus 28!


It felt significantly warmer when we stepped out of the apartment this morning, and the thermometer in the village confirmed that it was a comparatively mild minus 14 :D We just caught a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise as we left the apartment and started walking towards the lake. 


Our plan for today was to give skiing a go on our own. We carried the (heavy!) skis as far as the sports shop, before getting changed into our ski boots and temporarily leaving our own boots behind in the shop. The advantage of doing it this way was that otherwise we'd have had to have walked all the way to the lake in the ski boots, skied, then carried the skis back to the apartment, changed into our actual boots, and carried the skis back to the shop. This way we could go skiing, then hand the skis back in and collect our own shoes once we'd finished :)


Walking in the ski boots is actually really difficult because they don't have very good grips on them. Crossing the main road and walking through the supermarket carpark were particularly tricky, because the snow is quite compacted and slippy there, but we made it all in one piece and were soon on the lake, ready to begin.


Alfie got off to a strong start :) 

I needed a bit of time to warm up :D 

Alfie was out-performing me and Tim so much that he was soon just a little black dot on the horizon!


He may have managed a few more laps than we did :D 

We spent a bit of time catching our breath before setting off again.


Once we'd skied to the far side of the lake, Alfie and Tim decided to practise their skills at skiing uphill...


...and downhill.


Some attempts at going uphill were more successful than others :D 

Going downhill wasn't without challenges either!

Once we were all thoroughly exhausted, we skied back across the lake, handed back our equipment and indulged in a large amount of pizza :) 


By the time we'd finished eating, it had started snowing outside.


As we walked back towards the apartment, the snow got increasingly heavy, to the point where we couldn't even see the lake (it's normally visible in the distance here).


By the time we got back to the apartment, it felt like a proper blizzard.


There was lots of fresh powdery snow on the ground.


We were able to walk through the untouched snow to the door of our apartment :) 

It was a fun end to what has been a great holiday. Tomorrow will be a long day of travelling, with our first at 10.50 from Kittila and then our second at 17.05 from Helsinki. Lapland is always a destination which involves a lot of travelling, but we definitely think it's worth the effort :) 

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