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Day 6: More snowshoeing in the woods

I hadn't fancied joining Tim and Alfie at the huskies today, not being a huge fan of dogs. That meant I had to find something else to do instead. I decided to opt for snowshoeing, and re-do the trail which we had all done together on Sunday.

It had been snowing all through the night and so as I left the apartment behind and made my way towards the woods, the ground was covered in fresh snow.


When I got to the point where the path began, I could see that a machine had been along to flatten the snow down a bit, making it easier to walk on, but it still seemed a lot deeper than on Sunday.


Time to put snowshoes on!


I set off on the path through the trees


It was very cloudy today so the colours in the sky weren't as impressive as they have been on other days, but it was still really lovely.


The trees seemed even more laden down with snow than they had earlier in the week.


We've been told before that they bounce back once the snow melts, but it looked like it was going to be harder for some than for others.


Some looked like they were never going to bounce back at all!


I had a go at taking a selfie with snowy trees, but it wasn't terribly successful :D 


I could actually have spent all day taking photos of trees :) 


Some of them were really huge...


...while others were barely poking up through the snow.


By this point I felt like I must be getting close to the cafe.


Sure enough, I soon got confirmation that I was getting to the icy part of the walk.


I figured if I'd got across the ice once, I could do it again :) 


I managed it without any problems and was soon back on the snow.


I passed the cafe without going in; it was starting to snow again, so I thought it seemed best to press on.


The most exciting thing about the next bit of the path was that I was the first person to walk on the fresh snow :) 


It was such a beautiful walk.


The path led past a stream, which wasn't completely frozen...


...and then under some more bent-over trees.


I had another go at a selfie here :) 


Then I got to the downhill slope part of the walk. This actually seemed easier today, with more snow to dig the snowshoes into.


After that, it was back up through the valley of trees...


...and back to the road.


You can't really tell from the photos, but at this point there was a minor blizzard, with lots of snow falling and a rather strong wind. By the time I eventually got back to the apartment, I was rather cold :D 


It was a great walk though and wonderful to walk in the fresh snow :) 


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