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Iceland: Summary

We've had an absolutely amazing time in Iceland :)  Our route around the country looked something like this: 

Screenshot (3).png

Adding up all the various sights we stopped at and the detours we took, I make it a total of 1,279 miles driven :o

According to my Fitbit, I've also walked 170,461 steps (which equates to 70 miles) and climbed the equivalent of 552 staircases, so it definitely isn't a holiday which has just been spent sitting in a car.

Without doubt this is the most expensive holiday we've ever been on. The costs break down as follows:

Flights                                 440

Airport parking                   81

Accommodation             1,147

Hire car                               526

Petrol                                   197

Parking/tolls                       34

Airport bus                          79

Eating out/groceries        351

TOTAL COST                      2,855

This was a holiday that I so nearly didn't book, because I thought it was going to be too expensive. £2,855 is a lot of money, but I think we've done pretty well at keeping costs as low as possible in what is an extremely expensive country!

The holiday has been dominated by waterfalls. We saw 10 in total, starting with the small but pretty Öxarárfoss...20180903_111853.jpg

...which was soon overshadowed by the enormous Gullfoss.


We walked behind the waterfall at Seljalandsfoss...


...and climbed a huge staircase to the top of Skógafoss.


We hiked to Svartifoss in unexpected sunshine...


...came across Gufufoss unexpectedly halfway down a mountain pass...


...and tried not to get blown over the edge of Dettifoss in high winds.


One of the prettiest waterfalls was undoubtedly Goðafoss...


...plus its smaller sidekick, Geitafoss.


The final waterfall of the trip was Kirkjufellsfoss, with the strangely-shaped Kirkjufell mountain behind it.


Of course, we haven't just seen waterfalls; there have been so many other amazing things in nature. We stood between the continental plates at Thingvellir...


...watched Strokkur erupt at Geysir...


...walked on black sand at Reynisfjara...


...and walked along the most incredible canyon at Fjaðrárgljúfur.


We enjoyed some beautiful scenery as we drove through Eastern Iceland...


....and were amazed by the morning views at Seyðisfjörður.


Of course, I mustn't forget to mention the volcanic activity.  There was steam and bubbling mud at Hverir...


...the brilliantly blue crater lake at Krafla...


...the enormous crater we climbed at Hverfjall...20180908_122554.jpg

...and the slightly smaller one on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.


We saw a couple of lakes; the first one was at Thingvellir...


...and the second one was the midge-lake at Myvatn (from where there are no pictures of me, because I didn't want to risk getting flies in my mouth if I smiled xD)

2018-09-08 10.39.12.jpg

We've seen two large towns as well. First of all, Reykjavik...


...and towards the end of the holiday, Akureyri.


The views of the coast have been pretty cool too. In addition to black sands, we've had some golden sands...


...an orange lighthouse...


...and plenty of rock formations.


For me, the absolute highlight has been the glaciers.


It was unbelievable to be able to walk so close to the glacier at Skaftafell...


...and I think it's fair to say that the experience of visiting a glacier lagoon is something pretty unique to Iceland :)


This is definitely the most expensive holiday we've ever had, but also the most spectacular, and I think it's been worth every penny :)


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