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Day 12: Novo Mesto

We woke up to a rather grey and wet Ljubljana this morning. The only bright spot was that we'd seen a bakery that sold burek yesterday, so we were able to enjoy a very tasty breakfast :) 

Our plan for today was to visit a town called Novo Mesto in south eastern Slovenia, mainly because out of all the ideas we had for things to do in Slovenia, this was the one which seemed most doable in the rain.  Novo Mesto is located about 45 miles from Ljubljana and the train takes around 90 minutes. We caught a train at 09.30, so it was just after 11.00 when we disembarked in a slightly damp Novo Mesto.

Optimized-2018-07-11 11.12.41 (2).jpg

The first sight we came across was Novo Mesto's cathedral, a large stone building which is on a bit of a hill above the rest of the town.


The other notable church in the town is yellow church of St Leonard, which we caught sight of in the distance.

Although Novo Mesto is apparently the seventh biggest town in Slovenia, it isn't actually very large, so it wasn't long before we had found the main square, Glavni Trg. It looked like it would be a nice place if it was a sunny day... and if it wasn't currently in the process of being dug up for roadworks!


The town of Novo Mesto is located in a bend in the river Krka and it wasn' t long before we found the river :)


From a bridge across the river we had a good view in both directions.


We walked toward the yellow church, which was originally built in 1472 by Franciscan monks who were fleeing the Ottomans in Bosnia.

Optimized-2018-07-11 11.31.12.jpg

We had then hoped to walk along the river for a few miles, towards a place called Otočec where there is a castle.


Unfortunately there wasn't a good path along by the river and after we'd been walking for a while, it started to rain quite heavily. In the end we decided that it would be best to turn back.


Once we'd got back to the centre of town, we found a lovely cafe where we were able to dry out and enjoy some coffee and cake. Tim had a banana cake (yuk!) while I had an amazing chocolate and blueberry cake :)


Then we decided to call it a day and catch a train back to (an also quite wet!) Ljubljana. Here's hoping that tomorrow will be a bit drier!

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