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Evening 5: Ponta Delgada

We had a heck of a day today finally, after three visits in three days, getting the photos of Sete Cidades that we'd booked the flights to get. Unexpectedly, the cloud had cleared and a blue sky emerged in the late afternoon, which gave us cause to think we should make hay and visit some more places, but fatigue dictated that we head back to the apartment.

We couldn't stay in for long, though. The sun was shining and we hadn't actually seen much Ponta Delgada besides a visit under the clouds on Sunday, so we thought we'd go out to a stroll.


Even though we'd walked this street before, we hadn't noticed either this building or the massive cactus growing in its courtyard. We had, however, seen this beautiful blue building before:


It was at the back of the garden with a beautiful tree whose flowers were blue a few days ago but which had now become purple:


The whole garden was as vibrant as we remembered it:


Soon we'd headed to the square which featured the colourful monastery:


I hadn't noticed this previously but there was a rather elderly tree (look at the supports its branches need) which seemed to be sporting dreadlocks:


Not far from there was the main square:



We found a cafe nearby and decided to stop off for a drink:


Whilst we were sitting there, the church became illuminated:


It looked great!evening-5-16.jpg

The whole square looked pretty because of it:



It became clear that other places we'd visited earlier had had their lights switched on too:


evening-5-25.jpgAnd not long afterwards we were back at the apartment, hungry because we'd skipped lunch again. But it was worth delaying dinner by an hour to see Ponta Delgada without clouds!

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