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Evening 8: Towards the Light

All good things come to an end. That's the case for our latest visit to Lapland. It didn't get off to the most auspicious start, with my luggage staying in Helsinki and the apartment company giving us the wrong code for the keysafe (twice!) but that's all in the past and the week has been exceptional. I think we're getting this down to a fine art now.

Since it was the last stroll we'd do for another year, we thought we'd head out in the evening for a stroll across the lake. (It will never not feel wrong typing that!) In contrast last night, we were the only ones out there on a cloudy night. Suddenly the sky changed to the west:

2018-01-02 20.18.26.jpg

A bright orange light appeared!

2018-01-02 20.18.38.jpg

It could've been sunrise:

2018-01-02 20.18.38.jpg

It would've needed several suns, though, because the same thing happened in other parts of the sky too:

2018-01-02 20.20.43.jpg2018-01-02 20.23.31.jpg2018-01-02 20.23.27.jpg2018-01-02 20.21.31.jpg

There was a hint of green between splashes of orange, though it was faint:

2018-01-02 20.27.03.jpg

Sometimes the intensity made it look like there was a searchlight:

2018-01-02 20.34.36.jpg

After admiring for a few minutes, we took one final glance and went home:

2018-01-02 20.36.33.jpg

We'll be up early tomorrow for a day of travelling. It's all worth it to come here, though. We're already making plans for next year!

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