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Day 7: Corralejo

This could be the shortest blog entry ever: more of the same, minus playing with Kitten. I kept to myself in the morning to do some work, and then joined the others at poolside in the afternoon. The big news is that all the niblings moved into the adult pool, including two-year-old Oscar!

Whilst I was being boring, the others went to the local water park:


There's an onsite restaurant here, besides the usual buffet. As long as you book your place in advance, you can eat there free. We'd reserved our places for this evening, for what was Asian cuisine. We had two long tables to ourselves:



There were probably under ten people on site except for us, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

There was a lovely view of the pools from the restaurant:




And after food was over, everybody relocated to the pub. I may join them but I'd like some time to myself ... and these blog entries don't write themselves!

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