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Day 6: Isla de los Lobos

I got up, walked downstairs, and called Kitten. Out she came, scampering towards me and skipping around me feet. Lovely little thing.



Alfie had built her a little nest, so we played with her in it:


We tired her out so she was soon getting ready to have a nap:



And when I finally had to leave her, I handed her to Alfie, and she fell straight asleep again:


I grabbed breakfast, came back, and saw that she'd settled down next to Shanie:



Oscar joined in too!


A contingent of us then walked to the harbour. We were going to visit La Isla de los Lobos, which means The Island of the Wolves. That sounds scary but the truth is that there aren't any wolves there. There was once, however, a colony of sealions, known at the time seawolves. That's where the island got its name from.

We caught the ferry by the skin of our teeth and set off on the short hop to Los Lobos, leaving behind Corralejo:




After about 20 minutes the island appeared and we pulled in:



From where we were standing we were able to see the golden sands of Corralejo:



The island itself is reminiscent of a lunar landscape:


There wasn't much besides rocks. The water and the distant sands provided the contrast:


After a few minutes' walk, we reached a shallow pool, which had wonderfully coloured waters and the golden sands in the background:



We then headed back whence we'd come, knowing that there was a beach on the other side of the island. There was a single monument standing out on the landscape:


After about ten minutes we found the beach:


The others claim that the shallows were even warmer here than the paddling pool at the resort:


We weren't planning to spend too long on the island. There wasn't much to do and if we didn't catch the ferry that was departing about 90 minutes after we arrived, we'd have had to wait a further two hours. So we set off with a view of Corralejo in the distance:


This boat had much larger glass screens in it than the earlier one did:


We were going to be too late for the buffet at the resort, so we stopped off at a restaurant and split some pizza, fries and garlic bread, and then got back in the early evening.

That was when I was given some awful news from Pam: a cleaner had seen Kitten and come back with a manager, who took Kitten away, walking through Pam's apartment and somehow disposing of her. We checked the bins to make sure that he hadn't broken her neck and thrown her away. Fortunately, there was no sign of her in them, so we're hoping that he dropped her over the wire fence out here, which separates our resort from other locations. I spent a while calling her and trying to break into the garden, but I didn't get a response. I checked the following morning too, but there's no sign of Kitten. I don't suppose we'll see her; she was with her sister on the first morning and we haven't seen the sister since. Poor Kitten.

In the evening, we went out to a restaurant for Pam's birthday. I think it was OK, but they staggered the meals, which caused a few fraught tempers. Probably justifiably; it's pretty silly for someone like me to have finished eating after 30 minutes whilst other people still hadn't been served:


And then we all headed back, stopped in the bar for a bit, then all went our separate ways. The niblings will be visiting the water park the next morning. I'm still not feeling 100% and could do with some time to myself, so I'll probably get on with some work.

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