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Day 5: Corralejo

The day got off to its customary start, breakfast for Kitten and then the buffet breakfast for us.

I think people are starting to get a little bored of sitting around the pool all day, so Matt, Lucy, Rob, Shanie, the niblings and I decided to go off for a little walk; what would transpire to be a slooooow walk, full of stops and starts. I'm certainly missing Clare; when we walk we simply surge. This time around it took four hours to get to 10,000 steps. That's normally about 90 minutes' worth.

We eventually ended up at the beach, a little further on from where we joined it last a couple of nights previously:




The waters ran from clear to green to blue. We could see hundreds of fish swimming in it:



The niblings came across a rockpool and so started exploring:




Then it was time to sit down for a drink to cool off. It turns out that Oscar takes after the boys in the family:



Max and I surged ahead on the walk home. On the journey, he found an apron which made him giggle:


We grabbed lunch just before the buffet closed at 15:00, and then went back to see whether Kitten was hanging around. She was, so we continued Operation: Fatten Up Kitten and then played with her. She's got such a cute little face. I'd take her home if I could think of a way of getting her past security.

I was very boring in the afternoon. What started as a dry cough the evening before had become a chesty cough with accompanying headache, so I retreated to my apartment for a few hours, emerging in the evening for food (a date with Mia), and then joining the others at about 22:30 in the pub, where some of the world's worst karaoke was on screen. And that's without me volunteering anything! It's not really possible to converse in that atmosphere so I spent the hour throwing Mia and Oscar about, and then talking over a potential break away with Rob. He's something of a WW2 buff and would like to visit some of the most important sites of the conflict, such as Berlin and Auschwitz. And he's a smart fella and good company, so I'd be happy to go with him. Maybe even Clare could come and we make it a nine-day break in 2018. Something to think about, anyway.

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