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Day 14: Bolzano to Trieste

Today was full of travelling. We knew this when we planned the holiday. After all the small journeys we've taken so far, we need to get from Bolzano - our base for the last four nights - to Trieste, a journey of over 400km, spread over three separate trains.

There's nothing much to say about the trains. Our first was from Bolzano to Verona, a lovely place which we used as a base over several nights in 2012. From there we headed to Venezia Mestre, a relatively short journey. The final leg was to Trieste. Unfortunately, seemingly everybody else on the planet wanted that train too, which we experienced last time we were here. It did look as though we, with our suitcases accompanying us, would struggle to get on board. We were fine in the end - a little bit of elementary psychology based on humans being mindless herd animals, and we were among the few who found a seat.

We arrived in Trieste very hot and bothered. Even though the window was down throughout the entire journey, the train was sweltering, and we were looking forward very much to a cold shower.

It turns out we've stayed here before. We recognised the street name, then a cafe on the corner, and then the lobby. We can't have stayed in the exact same apartment before, though - we'd have definitely remembered, this being larger than our house.

The bedroom's far larger than our own:


And how about this for a living room:




With such a magnificent apartment we definitely would've wanted to stay in and cook something. However, there's a catch; when we're in Trieste we always track down the same restaurant to partake in the most fabulous gnocchi and goulash. So off we set:



That was fabulous. We'll be back tomorrow evening for some more! As things stand, we think we'll nip into Slovenia tomorrow. Well, why not? But since Croatia (Clare's team) are playing Italy tonight, we've stuck a bottle of wine in the fridge and are sat in front of the collosal TV. Tomorrow will be fun, but today's not over yet!

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