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Sardinia 2014: Planning

The holidays that I plan always seem to go the same way. Clare gives me the dates, and then I look at the different permutations that will allow us to use the same airport in England but different ones from abroad, without sacrificing any days (so leaving on a Saturday, returning on a Sunday). And I'm a cheapskate too, so the flights can't be expensive. This approach usually works well, although it potentially poses some curious logistical requirements, as it did on our holiday to the Baltics in 2013, where we landed in Vilnius, visited Riga, spent time in Talinn, hopped on a ferry to Helsinki, and then had to head back to Riga to fly home. There's nothing so messy this time, because it was clear that we could fly from Stansted to the south of Sardinia on a Saturday and return from the north a week tomorrow. Excellent.

I'm on language duty here, which means that not only does Clare not have to worry about planning anything on this trip, but she also gets to relax whilst I handle all the talking, which I wasn't able to do during our last holiday to the Balkans. And relaxing this holiday indeed shall be.

We're starting off by spending three nights in the capital, Cagliari. We arrive fairly late on the Saturday and will spend Sunday exploring the old town and taking a trip to the beach. And reading. Monday will be excursion day, where we'll take a bus south to a town called Pula to spend a few hours, and then continue to what's left of Nora, the former capital. Most of Nora's under the sea now, but it was very important in the past, being the first town founded on the island and home to the Phoenicians, Carthiginians, and finally the Romans, before being abandoned.

On Tuesday we head to Oristano, about midway up the island and on the west coast. We'll spend two nights there and don't have any great plans. We might plan something on the fly.

That's certainly the plan for our last destination, which is Alghero, on the north-west of the island. There are all sorts of possibilities, such as Sassari, but what I'm really holding out for is a way to get to Santa Teresa Gallura, in the north. If we can make it there easily enough, then a ferry crossing to Corsica might be on the agenda! Getting there from Alghero takes about five hours according to what I've been able to find online so far, so it doesn't look likely that we'll be able to do it, but I'm going to ask around on the off-chance there's some local form of transport that might be a lot quicker.

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