Day 8: Lugano to Tirano

The aim for today was to travel from Lugano to the small Italian town of Tirano via the Bernina Express bus. There is only one bus which runs between the two towns per day and reservation is mandatory, so I had booked the tickets well in advance online. Boarding a bus in Switzerland is a much more civilised experience than boarding a bus in Macedonia or Montenegro, so without any pushing, shoving or stress we were soon on our way 🙂

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Day 7: Lugano

We woke up this morning to another brilliantly sunny day in Lugano. Today was our final day using the Ticino passes, and we were determined to get as much value out of them as possible, but first we had to acquire some breakfast. Breakfast was available in the hotel but for an extra CHF 10 each, which we thought seemed a bit steep in addition to what we were already paying for the room. In the end we found a McCafe, where we were able to enjoy two croissants each and an espresso for CHF 5.50. I think that’s the closest you get to a bargain in Switzerland 😀

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Day 6: Locarno to Lugano

Today it was time to move on again, this time to the town of Lugano. Our Ticino passes entitle us to free use of public transport in the canton, and so we were just able to swipe them at the ticket machine and receive a free travel pass for the day. If we hadn’t had the Ticino cards, the ticket would have cost us CHF 15, so together with the CHF 72 which we ‘spent’ yesterday, we have now officially got value for money out of the passes and anything we do tomorrow is free 🙂

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