Day 3: Nîmes

We woke up after our second and final night somehow having fitted in rewarding visits to three new cities in the 36 hours or so since we’d got off the plane. We could ease in to today knowing that even though we were going home, it wasn’t until the afternoon, which made our decision for us; had it been the evening, we’d have no doubt found another location or two to visit, but this way we would stay in Nîmes.

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Day 2: Avignon & Arles

We had a choice of two trains to get to Avignon this morning; either the 08.50 or the 10.50. When we had been feeling tired last night it was tempting to choose the later option, but ultimately we decided to be disicplined and set the alarm for 7am. It turned out to be a good decision, because we had Nîmes almost to ourselves as we walked towards the station in search of breakfast.

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Day 1: Nîmes

Back in January we decided that we wanted to make the most of all the Bank Holiday weekends this year and booked some cheap flights to Nîmes in France. It wasn’t a town I had ever heard of before, but when we did a Google image search it looked really pretty, and we realised that it was also close enough to Avignon for us to have a day out there too. All in all it seemed like a brilliant idea, until a couple of weeks ago when the French air traffic controllers threatened to strike on 2 May, the day we were due to fly out. When your plan is to fly out on a Saturday and back on a Monday afternoon, any sort of delay or cancellation means the trip is hardly worthwhile, so we started reading the small print of our travel insurance and trying to resign ourselves that we might not be able to go. As things turned out we were lucky and, after carrying out a strike earlier in April, the air traffic controllers decided to cancel the additional strike in May. Our holiday was back on! What could possibly go wrong now?!

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