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Day 8: Corralejo

Today's alternative to spending the morning as well as the afternoon by the pool was minigolf. Alfie had played it once and Max never, so we had two novices. There was also James, who regularly plays golf and happens to be extremely competitive too!

It took maybe 20 minutes to reach the course:


In the distance we could see the water park:



Because there were ten of us, we split into groups and staggered the starting hole. I played a round with Shanie


and Rob


We finished pretty quickly and so retired to the 19th hole whilst waiting for the others, whom we could see in the distance:


After a few minutes the others caught up with us:


It turns out that James had the course record, finishing at three under par!


And, of course, we all had to here how his first shot (he started on the third hole) was a hole-in-one!


Then we headed back and ... spent the afternoon by the pool. I don't think we're in danger of being thought terribly original :)

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